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Logo and brand identity are the combined whole of a business. They are arguably inseparable. Logo may be considered to be the systole of your brand identity.

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Logo and Brand Identity

To be oversimplified, a logo is a graphic representation of the brand, while a brand is an embodiment of all ‘tangible and intangible aspect.’

They are inseparable in the fact that both the elements represent your organization. Without the brand, the logo neither have a real meaning nor any appeal. Similarly, without logo, your brand has a little chance to grow and develop and circulate to a colossal passage.

Again, brand is the whole of a company while logo is the visual shortcut to magnify and signify the brand.

This article, however, focuses more on brand identity than logo. We have a separate but comprehensive discussion logo. Yet, we are highlighting on the brand identity guidelines together with its relation to logo and so on. Hope it will help you.

Before knowing about brand or brand identity, you must know why branding is important. So please ask-

Why is branding important?

Branding activates a robust existence of your brand within a competitive business world in this modern era. Branding gives you the expansion, exploration, reputation and, most importantly, a future.

The best businesses apply and invest all their affordable creativity, skill and strategy so that a brand can stand up and then run by itself for a timeless future. They quest for such an identity which is quite incompatible, incomparable and sparking to its target audience.

When you are asking why you should have a big nose to nose for branding, we are asking you is there any way you may choose to improve leaving branding behind? You know? Even the sky-touching businesses might go dull due to an absenteeism or delay in branding.

Once you land or intend to land on the world of business, we are pretty sure that you have already made it out or on the way to understand the importance of branding.

Brand identity helps you with its own stance and differentiate you from everyone in the market. This puts you in developing an effective strategy and achieving a loyal customer-base in your marketplace.

Be affluent with this information while planning or doing a business that BRAND IS EVERYTHING.

What is brand identity?

A brand identity is what your brand speaks to your audience by a best-communicating means. It makes your customers fall in an emotional attachment to your business if your productions look that much appealing. It acts as the oneness of your business and a promise to your consumers.

To be identical with the above idea, brand identity is considered to be the visible elements of your brand that include logo, stationaries, business card, typography, design, colors, packaging and messaging. It identifies and distinguishes your brand in in the mind customers. Do not get confused in interchangeably meaning brand identity and brand image as the same things.

To what extent’s deciding a brand identity is critical enough?

There lie a number of reasons that make you cry in the wilderness to find, decide and stablish a suitable and perfect brand identity for your business. The reasons include-


  • The competitive business world
  • Everyone’s struggle to be unique
  • The Biz-race for a special consideration to treat it as an asset
  • The lack of business idea and brand architecture
  • The failure to fix and decide to find something as unique
  • It’s being an abstract task
  • The lack of technical knowledge
  • The lack of practical consultancy and
  • The lack of innovation and passion, continuity, and patience

Cannot you get rid of brand identity crisis?

Yes, you can. Just pour all the lacking with what they need. Imagine your brand as an animate one, a person. Now, try to decide how it should look, act, speak, touch and all. Try to activate this animation to all of your advertisement, promos, email marketing, blog posts, social media, tweets and to the places as many as possible. And hopefully people will then hear the voice of your brand.

How Designroom24 accompanies you in fostering your Brand Identity?

If you want Designroom24 to take charge to develop your brand identity, we do you a warm welcome. We will take care it as we do to each of our foster children. From its origin, development, application, we will accompany you to the extended duties to it.

We will help you in concept development, technical initiation and operation, flourishment as well as application and further care.

Starting from logo to promo, we are committed to provide you with each kind of conceptual and technical assistance that your brand identity may ascend on what you would love it seeing after a particular period of time.