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Architecture and building design are essential if you want your building or house precisely the way you wish to. It provides you with the blueprint and model for construction. The building design helps the architect to make customization according to your choice.

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Architecture and Building Design: A Step Towards Building a Masterpiece

A building design is the first thing that captures your attention. If a building is architecturally outstanding, it often becomes the status symbol for that city. It can be a hotspot for visitors all over the world.

If you look at famous building architects, you will find the implementation of timeless principles in their design elements. Architecture is a deliberate practice of designing structures. In comparison, the architectural design is more like the art of structure plans with aesthetics and functions in mind.

Why You Need Architecture and Building Design?

Architecture and building design are essential if you want your building or house precisely the way you wish to. It provides you with the blueprint and model for construction. The building design helps the architect to make customization according to your choice.

Architectural design is an essential phase of the project. The reason behind it is that it focuses on the functions and aesthetics of your project.

Seven Principles Encompassing an Architectural and Building Design

Following are some fundamental elements of a captivating architecture:

  • Balance
  • Movement
  • Contrast
  • Unity
  • Proportion and scale
  • Emphasis
  • Rhythm

What are the Stages of the Architectural Design Process?

You may think that illustrations and art are complicated. That’s why you may only see it in Photoshop. Here, you may be wrong. Illustrations and art are so merged in our day-to-day life. You can see them on

A good illustrator has more jobs than only creating attractive drawings. He must be a great problem solver, a strong communicator, and an excellent project manager.

Why Use Art and Illustrations in Graphic Designs?

There are different phases involved in the architectural design process. Each step plays a crucial role in the successful project. For the desired structure of your upcoming project, it’s essential to get familiar with the functions of these phases.

1. Approval Stage

It’s the very first step of architectural work. Here, the architect interacts with the client and learns more about the client’s requirements. In this phase, the architect examines the land from all perspectives.

He estimates the expense and provides his proposal to the client if the client finds the proposal suitable. After, both parties agree on the terms and conditions for expert architecture services.

2. The Structural Design

In the second phase of architectural design, the team of architects understands the wishes and needs of the clients regarding the project. Here, architects translate all their requirements into the form of the design concept. The team may get necessary aid of

  • Sketches
  • Drawing
  • 3D Rendering
  • Floor Plan
  • Building Evaluations.

The design concept also includes the HVAC and plumbing.

3. The Design Manifestation Stage

In the third phase, the architectural design takes the place of a detailed plan. The structural engineer gets his position in the design team. The architect presents the client with the program. He explains the exterior and interior detail of the structure before the client.

Furnished details determine the project expense. That’s why architects should handle this phase with care. This phase provides the most practical cost of the project.

4. The Construction Stage

In this phase, the architectural designs take a more realistic shape. The architects provide the client with two sets of structural drawings. One set of structural drawings remains on the site throughout the construction process.

The other set of structural designs goes for permits from local authorities. The contraction contractor becomes part of the project.

5. Permit Approval Stage

This phase may be the slowest part of the construction process. But it comes with several benefits. For the processing, the architect provides a permit drawing set as an application to the local authority.

For simple building construction, approval may take a few days. Otherwise, a permit may take a few months if you think of building something outstanding historically—the permit approval safe architects, builders, and property owners from potential risks.

6. The Construction Management Stage

In the last phase of architectural design, the architect’s role becomes passive. He usually visits the construction site to make sure the construction is according to the plan. The architect supervises the exact execution of the construction plan.

The other team members, such as the contractor and structure engineer, act as the director of the construction process.

Advantages of Contemporary Architecture and Building Design

Modern architecture and building design are more than simply building structures. It’s more about inventing something new by pushing the boundaries. It presents you with something beautiful and practical.

The modern architectural design differs from the traditional architectural designs. The contemporary building designs speak more about individual needs and requirements. Following are some advantages:

●      Maximum Use of Space

Modern architectural design uses different designing techniques to maximize space usage. Further, the architects use straight and curved lines to versatile the space. It allows you to set your home as per your choice.

●      Eco-Friendly Construction Material

The modern architectural designs use nature-friendly building materials. It involves the minimum use of carbon products. Further, it comprises the material that helps reduce energy consumption, including brick, glass, and wood. The plant usage in the modern architectural design provides you with a space for calm and focus.

●      Welcome Sunlight

Modern architecture design involves the maximum use of windows in an artist’s way. Installing windows in different house area introduce sunlight throughout the day. This structure design minimizes electric light usage in the daytime to a great extent. A good interior design ensures excellent ventilation throughout the house.

Types of Famous Architecture and Building Designs

In case you are running short of architectural styles. Here is a list of building structures to help you:

  • Neoclassical Architecture
  • Baroque Architecture
  • Victorian Architecture
  • Modern Architecture
  • Post-Modern Architecture
  • Neo-futurist Architecture
  • Gothic Architecture
  • Greek And Roman Classic Architecture

Need Experienced Architecture and Building Designers!

Architecture and building design are all about planning and designing your space elegantly. Suppose you need an expert designer whose architectural design syncs with your thoughts. If that’s the case, our experts can put you in a better scenario. Being pro designers; we provide services for building.